Wedding planning was never "the plan."


If you would've asked me what my life would be like now three years ago, I would have assured you that I would be teaching a classroom full of first grade babies. I've always been the planning type, so naturally I had my entire life planned out at 15. Flash forward to 2016, after working behind the scenes in the wedding industry and completing a Master's Degree in Business - I took a leap of faith and officially started White Cat Weddings & Events.

It was one of the best decisions of my entire life.

Being a business owner has taught me so much about myself. The most important thing I've learned through this journey - God's plan is so much greater than my own. Trusting Him every step of the way has led me here, and I am truly passionate about helping my couples create the beginning of a lifetime of happiness.  

A few fun facts: 

1. We're expecting our first babe, a little girl, at the end of July. 

2. Surprises are my love language. I love surprising people and being surprised. 

3. White Cat was actually named after my favorite wine from Hazlitt Vineyards. Phoebe (our white cat- see below) came afterwards. 



marriage is the best. 


I've been dating my husband since we were babies in high school, and I'm convinced there is no greater gift than being married to your best friend. I remember being absolutely giddy when Justin asked me to be his bride. He loves me and leads me and challenges me to be a better person every single day. 

While weddings are definitely important, I wholeheartedly believe marriage is the most important. Wedding planning should reflect the love and commitment between two people, and my main goal as a planner is to design a day full of heart eyes and belly laughs (and to make it really, really pretty). 


my favorite things

Evie Marion


Chocolate ice cream 

this is us 

kentucky basketball 

sitting by a fire 


evening walks 

amazon prime

Monica Gellar 

home renovation projects 

Mexican food 

fleece blankets


Phoebe joined the White Cat family late summer of 2017, and is the official acting mascot for the business. She loves meeting our sweet couples, potential clients & industry friends.

There's a good chance she will be in attendance at our consultations. ;)