wedding coordination - is it worth it? 

It's no secret that planning a wedding can get expensive, which is why nine out of ten brides choose to take the do-it-yourself route when it comes to their wedding. We're all about DIY brides (helloooo Hobby Lobby!), but there's a few questions to consider. Who's is going to set the tables? Light candles? Bring lunch for the bridal party? Answer questions? Hand out sparklers? Help vendors set up? Planning can be manageable up until your wedding day, but the last thing you need to be worried about during your ceremony is whether or not you remembered to set out your wedding favors. We put


As a wedding planner, I'm undoubtedly biased on this topic - but it needs to be discussed. We've all heard it beforeWhen i started planning my own wedding, i was convinced I was going to be a DIY bride. Being a full service planner, so For some brides, a coordinator seems like an unnecessary expense. If you've planned everything up until the day of your wedding, why wouldn't you be able to handle everything on your wedding day? 


Here's a couple of questions to consider. Who is going to set the tables? Are you having candles? Who is going to light them? Who is bringing in lunch for the bridal party? Where is your Does your DJ know how to pronounce the names of everyone in your bridal party? Do your vendors know where to set up? Where should your guests put the gifts? Having a sparkler exit - who is handing out sparklers? What about lighting them?